Help our proven transitional employment program continue to make an IMPACT image

Help our proven transitional employment program continue to make an IMPACT

Your donation supports trainees on their path to stable housing and employment

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These victories really matter!

You can support HGP's essential work by making a gift to expand the impact of our programs. By increasing our programmatic resources to match our larger farm site, we can serve more people who are experiencing homelessness, provide more volunteer opportunities for community members, and feed more underserved community members by growing even more organic food for those in need.

 You can really help us reach our goal by making a generous three-year pledge to the
expanded programs on our larger farm. To make a 3 year pledge - be sure to select donation frequency, make your gift annual and you can add an end date if you'd like.

 Our programs are successful at a rate of over 90% of trainee graduates obtaining stable housing and employment within 3 months of leaving the program.

 We grow thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce annually which is distributed to nonprofits throughout Santa Cruz County serving hundreds of our neighbors.

Watch our graduate, Brenda, below tell how our program supported transformation in her life. “The Homeless Garden Project gave me the feeling that I have been looking for all my life--that I actually belong somewhere.”

Please join us in helping people like Brenda by supporting the Impact Fund so that we can provide our proven, successful program to other individuals experiencing homelessness.