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Planting Seeds and Growing Together

From a seed to an institution, please help HGP continue to grow to better nurture and nourish our community.

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Celebrating Community Connection and Transformation Together

Thank you so much for visiting this page to support the Homeless Garden Project general operations, including a transitional employment program for individuals experiencing homelessness as they work to transform their lives. It’s inspiring to watch trainees succeed, acknowledge their deep gratitude for this opportunity, then move into the community with a job and a home, so that someone else can take their place in the program.

Thank you for providing this opportunity and making this work possible with your generous donation.

Each of our trainees has an important story to share and each one of our trainees is committed to making positive change in their lives. Please view the video of HGP trainee David Quigley's testimonial at last year's Sustain Summer farm dinner below, where he states, "The other trainees and I have all been humbled by life in one way or another, but now we belong to this thing that “makes us feel a part of.” HGP has given us the powerful gift of connection, a connection between myself and the earth, a positive connection that I share with my fellow trainees, and a type of connection that I’ve never had before–a connection with my community."
When you donate to Homeless Garden Project, you support people like David and help foster this community connection. Your generous contribution helps provide pathways to self-sufficiency, healing, and growth for the people we serve. Thank you for standing behind our trainees' efforts to transform their lives and helping us to continue to expand our work to help more people in our community.

HGP is a 501c3 nonprofit and your donations are tax deductible. Our EIN / Tax ID is 77-0475165.